glazed salmon with vegetables As you already know I don’t often cook fish as it doesn’t always turn out so great for me. Most of the time it’s not flavorful and kind of fishy but I finally found a recipe that turned out so so good: glazed salmon with vegetables. The salmon is sweet with a hint of tangy lemon and the vegetables turned out better than ever thanks to the lemon. I’m still trying to figure out the best cook time for fish since most recipes call for 10-15 minutes but I always find that the fish isn’t fully cooked during that time frame – 20-25 minutes seem’s to be the magic number.

I made a few adjustments to the glazed salmon with vegetables recipe which enhanced the flavor:

– season salmon with salt, pepper and a lemon pepper seasoning

– toss vegetables in basting oil

– bake for 30 minutes

glazed salmon baking glazed salmon with vegetables


Everyone knows of my sweet potato obsession. I always throw some basting oil, salt and pepper on it and simply bake it but when I came across this smoky roasted sweet potato alternative I jumped to make it.

It’s not too different from regular roasted sweet potatoes aside from the spices. The kicker here is the smoked paprika which adds a really interesting and smoky flavor – hence “smoky roasted sweet potatoes”.  Since the potatoes are baked under foil for the first 30 minutes it really makes them soft and then the last 15 uncovered minutes crisp them up – perfect combination.

smoky roasted sweet potatoes smoky roasted sweet potatoes


spicy tofu with broccoli Here’s another great tofu recipe for meatless Monday or any vegetarian night. This spicy tofu with broccoli is easy to make and the crispy broccoli is to die for. While stir frying, all of the flavors mesh well together creating really flavorful veggies. This recipe calls just broccoli but you could easily add another additional veggies – carrots and mushrooms would pair really well with this spicy tofu with broccoli dish. Add a side of steam rice and you’re ready to eat.

cooking spicy tofu with broccoli


charred chicken bowls with mango and bananas Charred chicken bowls with mango & bananas are mouthwatering.  This dish a perfect combination of sweet and tangy chicken, mango’s, bananas, black beans and wild rice and it’s even better as you keep pouring the juicy sauce all over the bowl.

The original recipe calls for quinoa but since my husband is not a fan I used wild rice. I also added some pineapple juice to the marinade/sauce which I think was a nice addition. The bananas added a real sweetness to the dish and a very unique flavor, and even though I enjoyed it next time around I’m going to try the bowl with plantains.

mango salad charred chicken charred chicken bowls with mango and bananas


brown sugar green beansAt one point husband couldn’t stop raving about the green beans Outback Steakhouse served so I decided to recreate their brown sugar green beans. Now this recipe is by no means a dupe but it’s tasty and that’s really all that matters. This recipe is so, and I mean so, easy to make and there aren’t any real measurements as everything is really by taste.

Green beans go well with a variety of dishes like steak, stir fry’s, grilled/baked chicken, ribs, fish…the list goes one. So when you’re strapped for time or running out of ideas for a side dish whip up some brown sugar green beans and you won’t be disappointed.

boiling green beans cooking brown sugar green beans

Brown Sugar Green Beans
  • ½ lb green beans, ends trimmed
  • 1-2 Tbsp brown sugar
  • Margarine
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Boil a pot of water with enough to cover the green beans. In the meantime wash and trim the ends off of the green beans.
  2. Add green beans to the boiling water and cook for 7 minutes or until tender but still crisp. Drain green beans and rinse with cold water to prevent them from continuing to cook.
  3. Heat a pan over medium heat and add some margarine. Once the margarine has melted add the green beans and brown sugar and cook for a few minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste and additional brown sugar if needed.




coconut crusted chicken tendersWhen I lived in Columbus my friend and I would go to Easton Town Center (an indoor/outdoor mall) on a weekly basis to go to the movies. The movie theater there has an eat in theater with big comfy chairs and pretty good food. We would constantly order coconut chicken tenders with fries and eat our hearts out while enjoying the movie. I came across a chicken finger recipe, added coconut to it and poof, coconut crusted chicken tenders just like at my favorite movie theater.

I followed this recipe to the T but added shredded coconut to the panko/corn meal mixture and then while the chicken tenders were frying I added a bit more coconut shreds. Even though the chicken is dredged in sriracha it’s not spicy at all so if you want more heat make the dipping sauce more spicy.

frying coconut crusted chicken tenders frying coconut crusted chicken tenders coconut crusted chicken tenders


tilapia fish tacosI have a love hate relationship with fish tacos – I love them but I hate when they’re fishy and with my luck that happens often. This tilapia fish taco recipe is perfect, the fish is flaky, it’s moist, extremely flavorful and best of all, it’s not fishy.

There are plenty of fresh vegetables in this dish and once you fill the tacos they can be topped with red onion, black beans, avocado and cheese. Tilapia fish tacos are a new favorite in our house and will be part of our regular weekly menu rotation.

making tilapia fish tacos cooking tilapia fish tacos  tilapia fish taco meat



baked jalapeno poppersBaked jalapeno poppers are a great spin on the traditional fried dish. Jalapeno’s are pretty damn spicy so when they’re filled with cream cheese and a variety of cheeses it cools things down without removing the heat all together. Now if the spiciness really freaks you out, top these guys  with sour cream or use a more mild pepper such as Anaheim; keeping all of the great flavor without the heat.

I stuffed the baked jalapeno poppers with feta, shredded Mexican cheese and shredded cheddar but any combination would work well.

jalapenos stuffing jalapenos baked jalapeno poppers fish tacos with baked jalapeno poppers





Banana Walnut BreadI can’t bake. That’s a pretty bold statement to make but it’s the truth considering that I mess up box brownies…it’s the sad truth. Even though I can’t bake that doesn’t mean that I don’t try since practice makes perfect.

I had some overly ripe bananas that no one wanted to eat so making banana walnut bread was a no brainier.  I had all of the ingredients on hand so I was motivated, plus since I got a Kitchenaid mixer I look for any excuse to use it. The recipe is very easy to follow and is fool proof since the girl who can’t bake nailed it! This banana walnut bread didn’t even last 24 hours before it was devoured.

banana walnut bread mix banana walnut bread out of the oven


spicy shredded beef bowlI came across this spicy shredded beef recipe and was really excited to try it out due to it’s versatility. The other great thing about this recipe is that it’s done in a crock pot so it doesn’t require much prep work and no actual cooking. I made the spicy shredded beef per the recipe but as usual added more spices before serving as the original amount was not flavorful enough and I also added a few drops of Worcestershire sauce which really enhanced the flavor.

I served the spicy shredded beef over a bed of rice and added some avocado slices and cilantro lime black beans (mix a can of black beans, juice of 1 lime, chopped cilantro, salt and pepper). Since this recipe makes quite a bit of beef, the following day I put the spicy beef into a warm corn tortilla and had tacos for lunch.

cooking spicy shredded beef spicy shredded beef spicy shredded beef bowl